Our Services

Physical Therapy

Our staff is highly trained and each Doctor of Physical Therapy has over 20 years of clinical experience.
We will provide the most effective one-on-one rehab care for any musculoskeletal condition.
We use a patient-centered, evidence-based approach tailored to the unique needs, motivations and goals of each individual.

Recovery Sessions

Don’t let the loading of your practices, training and competition accumulate, let one of our professionals help you recover so that you stay at the top of your game, and reduce the risk of injuries. Besides education on recovery strategies, we can give you access to recovery tools including:
Normatec Compression Boots
Contrast therapy (Ice pack/Heat pack/Hyperice X)
Soft tissue therapy (Massage)
Recovery Yoga for Athletes
Stretch Lab
Active recovery

Athletic Taping

Taping techniques for a stabilization of joints, proprioceptive feedback, decreased edema/swelling and more.

Athlete Assessment

Receive a full body musculoskeletal screening, including simple functional testing as well as a strength and flexibility assessment to find any risk factors, asymmetries or weaknesses that may contribute to injuries or decreased performance during sports.
Includes video analysis and explanation of any possible biomechanical/form issues, asymmetries, or weaknesses that are present during squatting, lunging, throwing or running.

You can also use this service if recovering from an injury or a surgery, and require a functional assessment to help the decision to return to play.

Sports Injury Assessments

Injured during practice or athletic competition? unsure if it requires urgent care? Let a skilled clinician perform a complete musculoskeletal exam as appropriate for your condition and provide you with a detailed explanation of your condition and treatment options, receive immediate care or be referred to the right specialists to get you headed in the right direction to return to play.

Yoga for Performance and Recovery

Our instructors can help you improve flexibility, balance, coordination, and lung function. It can also help athletes effectively manage stress, as often forgotten but key contributor to recovery and performance.

Strength and Conditioning Personal or Small Group Training

Let us help you achieve your fitness goals, by helping you program a strength and conditioning routine or supervise your preseason strengthening program guided by a certified strength and conditioning specialist. Our trainers have designed year-around sports specific programming for high school and college teams, or we can look at the “preseason package” sent for your coach and supervise it or modify it to your individual needs.

Stretch Session

Our clinicians are stretch experts and can help you achieve the mobility you desire. Whether you are looking to improve performance, increase flexibility or reduce aches and pains in muscles or joints our team is here to help you reach your goals.
For your stretch session, your clinician will work with you to understand your areas of limited mobility. We will start with a quick mobility assessment to learn your limitations and potential areas of restriction. Next, we will move you through a series of hands-on stretches to increase your range of motion and reduce stress and strain on your body. We will provide you with a list of self-stretches to keep you “moving” in the right direction after your session.
Benefits of Stretch Session: -Hands-on guided stretching -Sport specific flexibility routines -Injury prevention mobility drills -Joint mobility assessment

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Techniques including:

– Assistive tool mobilization
– Trigger point Dry Needlin
– Myofascial release techniques